Payal gets suspicious about Sid’s lookalike Satya


There is a masquerade party in the show. Satya wears the mask and Payal could not see him. Satya attends Koel’s birthday party by wearing mask. Mahi and Satya play the musical chairs. They are the last two who are left in the game. Suddenly, the lights go off. Mahi looks around and Satya leaves from there.

Mahi realizes her necklace is gone and tells everyone that Satya was with her in the game, he has stolen her costly necklace. Mahi gets Gangutai’s necklace which Satya steals from someone. She realizes Satya is a thief and blames him of theft in the party. Koel gets Satya back in the party. The blame on Satya gets proved wrong.

Mahi will be after Satya and blame him often, as this track will take their love story forward. Payal sees Satya wearing mask. Payal gets doubt on Satya by seeing him resemblance with Sid. Payal follows Satya and he rushes out of the party seeing Payal after him. Payal will recognize Satya to be Siddharth’s son Karan. Satya will unite Payal and Mahi, then he will also be called Jamai Raja like his dad.




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