Jaggi’s mischief adds up amusing drama


Jigar tells Gopi that he has mortgaged home with Mansi. He says when I returned her money, she refused to return our house. He says I didn’t know that she is doing this for revenge. He says where we will go now. Jaggi asks Jigar to come to his house. Gopi gets angry on Jaggi and asks him to think before saying. Jaggi says your problem is that you people stretch any topic a lot, and asks her to take a decision. Now, Modi family has to vacate the house. Gopi and Jigar decide to talk to Mansi.

Mansi and Krishna invite Jaggi and Urmila home to prove that Jaggi is not Ahem. Mansi has cheated Jigar and does not return the house papers. Mansi wants Jaggi to ruin Modi family. Jaggi and Urmila head to kitchen and have bread and butter. Mansi complains to inspector about Jaggi. Jaggi tells inspector that Mansi invited him for feast and having food in kitchen is not a crime. Jaggi tells inspector that Mansi lied to him, and there is no food here. Inspector finds Mansi wrong and leaves. Krishna and Mansi tie up Jaggi and Urmila with ropes. Jaggi’s naughtiness is surely entertaining the viewers.



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