Ishita to sensitively deal with Adi’s heartbreak

Adi returns in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi has got drunk to get over Aaliya’s memories. Adi has become very sorrowful. Adi comes home in drunken state. Ishita and Raman get shocked seeing Adi. Raman asks Adi did you get drunk. Adi asks them not to stop him, he has grown up now. Adi is very much heartbroken and does not care for anyone. He asks Raman how can Aaliya reject him, and what qualities does Mihir has in him. Adi could not accept the rejection and turned revengeful. Adi tells Ishita that he will not let Aaliya live with peace.

Ishita and Raman try to explain him, but seeing Adi at such shocking point of heartbreak, they are also not able to help him. Adi does not listen to them, and leaves. Niddhi meets Ruhi and beats her. Ruhi gets hurt and beats Niddhi angrily to give the answer. Pihu and Raman apply ointment on Ruhi’s wounds. Raman is happy seeing Pihu bonding with Ruhi. Raman and Ishita are facing much problems in their children’s lives.


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