Dev confronts Ishwari over Sonakshi’s alliance


Dev is annoyed with Ishwari and questions her why did she do this. He asks why did you send alliance for Sonakshi. He says I got to know all the truth. She says I have send the alliance, as Sonakshi is a nice girl and should move on, I have just sent alliance and Sonakshi’s family finalized it. She cries and hugs him. Dev is doubtful for her answer and is very upset with her.

Dev did not ask anything from Ishwari till now, but this is the first time Dev could not bear Ishwari’s doings. Ishwari was not able to answer him and sensed his annoyance. Dev could not learn to divide himself in relations, and that’s why he left Sonakshi for his mum. When Ishwari’s truth came out infront of Dev, he thinks to go and talk to Sonakshi. Ritvik started liking Sonakshi and does not want to see Dev around her. As long as Sonakshi does not admit her love for Dev infront of him, Ritvik is sure of their alliance. Will Dev take the right decision and get back his love? Keep reading.


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