Dhairya and Sinduri’s wedding preparations turn upsetting


Sinduri has framed Santoshi in the prostitution scam. While Santoshi went with Ankur at his place to get some clue about his link with Pratap, she fell in this big trouble. Santoshi got to know the shocking truth that Pratap is Ankur’s father. The truth that Pratap has killed his wife, Gargi Devi is not known to Ankur and everyone. Ankur is searching his mother’s murderer.

Ankur felt cheated when Santoshi’s truth came out that Santoshi and Dhairya fooled him around and did big drama together. Ankur pledged to take revenge from entire Mishra family. Sinduri has joined hands with Ankur, to tackle Santoshi.


Sinduri blackmails Dhairya, asking him to marry her in order to get Santoshi’s innocence proof. Dhairya tried to do all things possible to recover the memory chip which can prove Santoshi innocent. Sinduri got the chip and promises to give the chip to Dhairya once he marries her.

Dhairya agrees to marry Sinduri and falls prey to Sinduri and Ankur’s devious plans. Ankur lands in Mishra house to begin the wedding preparations, which upsets entire Mishra family. Madhu plans to throw her wedding anniversary party, and Sinduri blocks the house for her wedding on the same day. Sinduri gives her wedding invitation card to Santoshi, which shocks the latter. Will Dhairya trick Sinduri and get the chip before marriage? Keep reading.


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