Horror twist adds up fun in Ishqbaaz


There is a horror twist in Ishqbaaz. The girls gang come up with an idea to prove that boys are more weak mentally and get scared soon. Mallika dresses as the horrific ghost, with scary makeup on her face and wearing a white ghostly costume. She goes to Omkara and Rudra at night and scares them. Omkara and Rudra scream seeing the ghost, and does not realize its Mallika.

Omkara and Rudra get scared by the scary situation created by Soumya, Priyanka and Mallika. The girls have a laugh on them and go ahead to scare Shivay. But Shivay does not get scared of anyone. Dadi and the girls try to scare Shivay and act as ghosts. They all fail to scare Shivay. Mallika gets in Shivay’s room and sleeps on his bed. Finding someone sleeping on his bed, Shivay gets a big shock and holds his heart. Mallika starts laughing on him and says she will update her social media status that Shivay Singh Oberoi got scared by her. Everyone joke on Shivay getting scared by Mallika’s trick. Dadi also becomes part of the laugh riot.


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