High Five Spoilers

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Chakor has decided to sacrifice her love for Vivaan, thinking about Imli and her child. She has taken such a big decision just for Imli’s happiness. She wants to secure the baby’s future and do a Maasi’s duty. Chakor gifts some toys to Imli, and asks her to be happy with Vivaan. Imli does not want to lose her love for the second time, and is happy that Chakor left. But, shockingly Imli slips down and worries for her baby’s safety. Chakor rushes Imli to hospital. Imli faces a miscarriage. What will be Chakor’s decision towards Vivaan’s love?


Raja and Rani’s sweet romance started. Raja comes from bath and goes to take his clothes from cupboard. Rani comes out of the cupboard and laughs on him. Rani starts hitting naughty comments on him. He asks her to leave from room and not tell anyone. Rani laughs a lot. Raja smiles seeing Rani laughing. Raj Mata explains Rani about the traditions of Rajmahal. She asks Rani to cook nine types of food. Bindu comes and Rani feels something is odd. It has to be seen how Rani manages everything to throw the grand feast.


Aparajita is back. She had killed her husband for the greed of money. BrahmaRakshas gets angry seeing her back. She has cheated him, and he takes revenge from every woman. Aparajita and Thakur Sanjay/BrahmaRakshas will come face to face again.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Ishwari asks Dev not to attend Sonakshi’s engagement after so much happened, it won’t be good for even Sonakshi. She asks him to do what he wants, but her advice won’t change. Sonakshi gets ready for her engagement. She sees Dev in the mirror and cries. Sonakshi imagines Dev. Dev comes to meet her and asks her not to cry. Dev compliments her beauty and says I did not cross any limit, I can just compliment you. Sonakshi sees Dev everywhere and is unsure to get engaged. Dev will be reaching Sonakshi’s engagement and create a big scene.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Bihaan got away because of the growing problems at home. They both do the Ganesh aarti together. Thapki daydreams to be with Bihaan. They have an eyelock. Naman makes a ice knife fall over Thapki, while Thapki is busy doing the aarti. Everyone stands praying with closed eyes. Dadi tries to save Thapki and pushes a far towards her, which makes Thapki away. Thapki gets saved and Kosi’s attempt fails. Thapki is sad as Bihaan is being away from her. Kosi taunts Thapki. Thapki wants to make the situation at home fine. She wants to find out what is the danger on Bihaan posed by Kosi.



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