Chakor’s trials and tribulations restart in Udaan


Suraj and Vivaan will be dancing and welcoming Ganesh ji. Everyone do the aarti together. Imli has become reason for Suraj’s drinking habit. Suraj loves Imli and enters the pandal. asking Vivaan to celebrate happiness as he has everything now. Chakor and Imli love Vivaan. Suraj’s anger towards Vivaan will be slowly increasing.

Chakor has decided to sacrifice her love for Vivaan, thinking about Imli and her child. She has taken such a big decision just for Imli’s happiness. She wants to secure the baby’s future and do a Maasi’s duty. Kasturi and Bhuvan happily welcome Chakor at home. Chakor meets Imli and tells her that she has planned a surprise dinner for Vivaan and her. Imli is happy and thinks to confess her feeling to Vivaan. Chakor asks Vivaan to take care of Imli and keep her happy. Meanwhile, Suraj buys a small cycle for his to be born child.


Chakor gifts some toys to Imli, and asks her to be happy with Vivaan. Imli does not want to lose her love for the second time, and is happy that Chakor left. But, shockingly Imli slips down and worries for her baby’s safety. Chakor rushes Imli to hospital. Imli faces a miscarriage. What will be Chakor’s decision towards Vivaan’s love? On the other hand, Ragini has done arrangements to free Bhaiya ji from police clutches when he is being shifted to another jail. How will Chakor manage to stand against Bhaiya ji this time? Will Suraj support Chakor against Bhaiya ji? Keep reading.


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