Dev faints amidst Sonakshi’s engagement


Dev is present in Sonakshi and Ritwik’s engagement. He gets a big shock seeing Ritwik and Sonakshi standing with the rings. He could not bear to see his love getting engaged to someone else. Sonakshi and her family is happy. Ritwik and Sonakshi are together. Dev sees them and recalls Sonakshi and his good time. Dev couldn’t bear to see Sonakshi and Ritwik’s engagement and faints on the floor shocking Sonakshi. It all happens when Ritwik and Sonakshi dance on a romantic song and Dev gets jealous. He being a devdas hurts himself and faints. It does not happen as Dev and Sonakshi wish for themselves. Dev did not fulfill Sonakshi’s expectations and she is trying to start a new life. She could not see Dev’s pain, as she truly loves him. Sonakshi runs to Dev and asks him to wake up. She gets concerned and hurt seeing his condition.

Dev wants Sonakshi’s happiness and he loves Sonakshi. He does not want Sonakshi to stay with him and live unhappily, he wants her to stay happy with Ritwik. The fate is playing games with them. Sonakshi is going ahead in life with Ritwik. She has her family’s blessings, and Dev has realized his true love so late. Dev felt he has a right to meet Sonakshi for the final time, being her lover. Ritwik gets upset seeing Sonakshi with Dev.


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