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Santoshi Maa:

Mishra family starts bearing Ankur because of Prataps’ sins. Pratap accepts for having an affair with Gargi, but clears out the misunderstanding that he has killed Gargi. Ankur does not believe Pratap and wants to ruin him. Since Dhairya and Santoshi are protecting Pratap, Ankur decides to take them down first. Madhu and Ankur joined hand to make Santoshi leave from the house. Santoshi believes Pratap and convinces Dhairya to support Pratap.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya helps Kaushalya’s friend in her daughter’s engagement crisis. Everyone applaud for Riya’s management skills and compliment her for managing the arrangements so well. Riya thinks to open a wedding planning company to help the family financially. Srivastav family is worried for the house’s auction. Sarla adds up more problems at Shanti Sadan. Riya misses Shanti and her guidance in this tough phase, and worries that Shanti’s absence may be troublesome for them. The family struggles to save the house from getting auctioned.

24 Season 2:

Jai faces the inquiry and is interrogated. Abhilasha doubts on Jai to make Roshan flee with the virus, after Haroon paid 25 crores to Jai. Jai is suspected to be a traitor for keeping the mission unknown to others. Jai has gone against all the protocols, just to save the country from Roshan’s terror. Jai asks Abhilasha to allow him to go for his duty right now. He tries to explain about the first most priority, that’s to catch Roshan. Roy calls it tough to believe Jai. He advises Abhilasha to take strict action against Jai.


Akshara is very happy and is dancing in her room. Gayu sees Akshara dancing and smiles. Akshara has finally got the good news that Naitik is coming back home.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Angoori has taken Chandramukhi’s avatar. Anita becomes the same. Tiwari and Vibhuti visits a kotha and see their wives dancing there, as they get drunk a lot. Tiwari covers Angoori with a shawl and asks her not to ruin their house respect. The men imagine their wives as the dancers, and get a lesson that if they can’t see their wives dancing, they should have not see any other woman as well.


Mannu is on the verge of knowing his gender truth. Dhaniya is mistaken about Mannu being a kinner, while she does not know about Amba’s lie to change Mannu’s gender from girl to boy for saving Mannu’s life. Amba fears to lose out on everything, after seeing Mannu getting inclined towards the girly things. Mannu raises questions on Amba stopping him for almost everything.



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