Adi arrested for acid-attack on Aaliya


Ishita and Raman are much worried, as Adi got arrested. Adi is also in shock. Ishita hugs Adi and supports him. Adi has fallen in big problem. Its challenge for Ishita to prove Adi innocent from the blame to do acid attack on Aaliya. Ishita tells inspector that if bottle is found from Adi’s car, it does not mean Adi has done the crime. Adi was much drunk, and he does not remember whether he has put acid on Aaliya’s face. He does not know what he did and why did police arrest him.

Ishita is sure that Adi is innocent. Adi left from home with much anger on Aaliya. Adi doubts that maybe he has done this crime in his anger, and feels guilty. Adi is confused and thinks he can’t do this with Aaliya, but is doubtful of his own doings. Mani comes there and gives statement to police, that he is taking case back, he trusts Ishita’s upbringing and has belief that Adi can never do such thing. Adi loves Aaliya, and no one believes that Adi can do such a crime to hurt his love and take revenge.



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