High Five Spoilers

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Jamai Raja:

Satya enters Mahi’s bedroom and catches her. He is taking revenge and asks her to apologize to her. He shuts her in bathroom and asks her to sing a song for him. This is his way to punish her. Mahi is threatened by Satya and knows how to deal with him.


Akshara has a fear that she may lose Naitik. She feels his presence and drops the Prasad plate. She looks for Naitik and falls down. She gets much hurt and cries. She has read a bad news in the newspaper and got worried for Naitik.


Soumya is trapped by the goons. She is unable to accept the situation and feels everything is against her. The kinners dance in some marriage. Kinners are making Soumya work with them. A man gives money to Soumya and teases her, asking her to dance. Soumya is living in fear. She sits at some corner. The man forces her to dance. Soumya gets angry and realizes her Shakti. She pushes the man away.


During Ganpati aarti, there was a big accident. The house caught the fire and Rishi got inside the fire trap. Everyone of his family just keep watching and does not go inside to save him. Tanuja has gone to save Rishi and pushes him. Rishi was angry on her and they both save each other from fire. A pillar falls over Tanu’s face and she faints. Tanu’s face gets damaged while saving Rishi. She will be given Tanu’s face by plastic surgery.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi tells everyone that everyone has given him enough love, but his number one fan Pragya is with him. Pragya refuses to go on stage being scared. Abhi asks her not to worry and sing, he is with her. He encourages her to sing. Pragya holds the mic and closes eyes. She sings from her heart. Abhi is launching his song on Ganesh Utsav. Abhi and Pragya sing at the concert.



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