High Five Spoilers

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All Kinnars bring Soumya outside the house after dressing her up like them. Soumya/Tarana’s new journey have started and put a question mark on her identity. Tarana is her new name, and it is fully 360 degree transformation for her. Soumya couldn’t see any motive in her life and doesn’t know where life will take her.


Rishi comes to his room, and tells that he will erase all memories of Tanu looking at her pics. Tanu just returned in his life. Rishi takes out his anger on her memories and burns the house. Tanu is seen recovering in the hospital….She is Tanuja, who got Tanu’s face after her operation when she meets with an accident. It will be interesting to see Rishi’s reaction seeing Tanuja having Tanu’s face. Rishi and Tanu’s Kasam will be completed in this birth.


Brahmarakshas takes out his anger on his wife Aparajita. Sanjay Thakur and Aparajita came face to face today. He was waiting for the day when he takes his revenge from Aparajita. He holds Aparajita’s neck and pushes her from balcony….Aparajita shouts no being very much scared. Rishabh targets gun on Brahmarakshas.


Jaggi celebrates his birthday and makes everyone have the cake. Mansi tells them that she knows that today is not Ahem’s birthday as she had stayed with him for 10 years. Dr. Krishna says Ahem’s name is not on the cake. Urmila, Kokila and Gopi attend his birthday small party. It is actually Jaggi’s birthday party.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi beats Niddhi with stick/hunter while Ishita looks on. Niddhi screams. Ruhi came to request Niddhi thinking they have lived together for 7 years, and she will agree, but Niddhi didn’t listen to her and started beating her with stick. Ishita gives her strength and asks her to fight back. She asks Ruhi to beat Niddhi if she feels Niddhi has done wrong with her. Ruhi shows courage. Ruhi picks stick from Niddhi’s hand and starts beating her. They leave, but they need to be careful with Niddhi. Niddhi checks her watch and is upto something.



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