Soumya to realize her inner Shakti

Shakti: Harak Singh to realize Soumya's worth

Soumya is trapped by the goons. She is unable to accept the situation and feels everything is against her. The kinners dance in some marriage. Kinners are making Soumya work with them. A man gives money to Soumya and teases her, asking her to dance. Soumya is living in fear. She sits at some corner. The man forces her to dance. Soumya gets angry and realizes her Shakti. She pushes the man away.

Soumya knows no one will come to her help. She does not know what to do and feels tensed. The man gets angry and scolds Soumya and other kinners for the insult. Soumya escapes from the place. Some men catch her on the road to trouble her. Saya comes there and beats the men with the stick. She makes the men run away and protects Soumya.

Soumya does not have her own wishes and happiness now. She is helpless and is made to share other’s sorrows. Everyone is stranger to her, but she has to live with kinners now. She thinks of Harman, Nimmi and Surbhi who really loved her. She is facing new challenges and is shocked. She does not know how to handle the situation. The show is going good with the concept bringing the trials and tribulations of the transgender. Soumya has to identify her inner strength.



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