Shanti and Riya to stop Shanti Sadan’s auction


Shivam gets into an argument with the tax official. The officials angrily get the sudden house sealing order to Shanti Sadan. The officer tells the family about Shivam and Sarla’s bad behavior at the department office. Riya apologizes to the officer and also makes Shivam apologize.

Kaushalya pleads to them to give them some time to pay tax, as the money they arranged got stolen. The officer gives them bit of time, and decides to lock a room in the house to take possession. He chooses Shanti’s room, which shocks everyone. Everyone request him to lock any other room and spare Shanti’s room, as she is eldest of the house and unaware of the shocking developments at home. Shanti’s absence leads to much problems for her family. Raghav and Shanti come back home, and get dazed seeing Shanti’s room locked. Shanti gets emotional seeing her husband’s photo. Riya breaks the news to Shanti about starting an event company. How will Shanti and Riya save Shanti Sadan from getting auctioned? Keep reading.




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