TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya is writing the moments she has spent with Abhi in her diary. She recalls the sweet moments and smile. Pragya meets Aaliya and they get into an argument. Pragya told Purab that once Abhi’s contract ends, he will not come to office and they will not meet her ever again. Aaliya tells the same thing to Pragya, that Abhi will not meet her. Pragya realizes that Abhi will get away from her, once his songs recording ends. Aaliya taunts Pragya about losing her love again.



Imli is brought home, and entire family is saddened. Chakor hugs Imli and consoles her. Suraj meets Imli. Imli gets more emotional seeing Suraj and shares her pain with him.

Kuch Rang PKAB:

Dev is annoyed with Ishwari. Ishwari has gone to Sonakshi’s house and taken for Sonakshi and Dev’s alliance. Dev has refuses to Ishwari for doing so. Ishwari thinks till she gets Sonakshi as bahu, Dev will live his life bitterly. She fears seeing changes in Dev’s behavior.


Sanskaar gets police and stops Laksh from doing wrong work. He gets Laksh arrested. Laksh has no option than to do wrong work to earn money and help the family. Laksh gets angry on Sanskaar for getting police. The situation turned Laksh bad, but Sanskaar wants to protect Laksh from falling in big problem.


Aradhya was arrested and put up in jail. Aryan gets the news of the big fire incident in the jail. Aryan rushes to the jail, but is stopped by policemen. Aradhya gets saved by the fire and suffers some burns. Aryan gets to know Aradhya died in the fire and helplessly cries.



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