High Five Spoilers

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki wins the first round by managing the hold the hot modak in spoon. Thapki overhears Naman and Kosi talking about doing something with Bihaan, and gets worried. She goes to pray to the problem solver Ganesh ji, and comes up with an idea to place a Ganesh idol in Kosi’s room. She places the idol which has spy camera in the eyes, and hopes to find the truth which Kosi is hiding till now. Thapki asks Ganesh ji to expose Kosi, as only this can save Bihaan’s life. The second round of competition begins. It is a dance performance round. Pandey family gets shocked seeing Kosi performing on the song which they had practiced.



Suraj gets in shock that he lost his child. Chakor asks Vivaan to take care of Imli, be by her side and also tell her about the bad news. Imli needs Vivaan, but Vivaan does not have courage to face her. Chakor encourages Vivaan to go and meet Imli.

Siya Ke Ram:

Siya Ke Ram is seeing a major phase right now. In the middle of the Rajya Sabha, a commoner Badra has raised a question over King Ram’s big heart to accept his wife, after she stayed at a stranger’s place for so long. Ram gets too hurt by Badra’s words, which tears him down. Ram could not bear anyone calling Sita impure and doubting on her character. Ram knows well about Sita’s generous decision to accept Vanvaas and accompanying her husband to obey Patni Dharm, bearing Raavan’s tortures, and lastly giving Agnipariksha to answer the society. But, the Praja is Ayodhya is not aware of it.


After the cool party at Oberoi mansion, everyone is confronted by Pinky and Jhanvi about the last night party. No one knows what actually happened and do not remember anything. Anika and Shivay forget about their dance and are asked to answer about their togetherness at the pool side. Anika and Shivay do not know what to answer Pinky. Shivay and Anika’s dance and everything gets recorded in the phone. Later, Shivay and Anika recall their dance and the cute moment between them, which would turn embarrassing for them if its seen in the video. They both try to get the video before others see it.


Neela drives Ashish to the airport, where Asha also comes to meet him before his work trip Hemant tells Dayavanti that he’s suffering from brain tumour and wants to see Ashish and Neela’s marriage at the earliest.



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