Slaps, traps and misunderstandings lined up in Swaragini


Ragini and Swara slap each other. The sisters are fighting and crying. Ragini asks Swara to give her some money to get Laksh bailed out. Swara does not have money and can’t give anything to Ragini. Ragini gets angry as Swara is not giving her money to save Laksh. Swara slaps Ragini. Ragini gets angry and slaps her back. Adarsh has laid this trap and makes Ragini believe that Sanskar has sold himself to Adarsh and following his orders for the price of 10 crores.

Swara does not believe Adarsh and has huge belief on Sanskar. Ragini is worried as Laksh is in jail and Sanskar is responsible for it. Ragini is mistaken that Swara has 10 crores and not giving her even 5 lakhs. Swara wants Ragini to understand Adarsh’s planning. Ragini and Swara’s fight disappoints Shekhar. Ragini goes mad and does not understand Adarsh’s manipulations. Sanskar beats Adarsh with a stick, knowing Adarsh has trapped Laksh in the wrong things. Sanskar is worried for Laksh. Adarsh has made Laksh get against Sanskar. Laksh blames Sanskar to be cheater. Sanskar asks Adarsh to come with him and say truth to Laksh.


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