Vivaan realizes his love for Imli in Udaan


Imli is leaving for Lucknow and meets everyone. Everyone is sad as their lovely Imli is going too far. Imli wants to give happiness to Chakor, as Chakor never fought for her own happiness. Imli feels Vivaan and Chakor are happy with each other. She wants to see them happy. Imli accepted heartily that she lost her love again. She unites Vivaan and Chakor. She hugs Chakor and cries. She hides her sadness and sacrifice.

Vivaan is much upset that Imli is leaving him. He has realized Imli is his true love. He tries to stop Imli, but she does not listen to him. He does not tell her that he loves her, thinking Imli loves Suraj. Imli does not tell her feelings, thinking Vivaan loves Chakor. Suraj wants to stop Imli and cuts his hand. Suraj knows Imli loves Vivaan, but he wants Imli to stay back in haveli, so that he can win her back. Imli does not want to stop and leaves with Bhuvan from the haveli. Vivaan will rush to say his feelings to Imli and clear the misunderstandings. Will Vivaan succeed to stop Imli? Keep reading.


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