Adi and Ruhi proved innocent; Relieving moment for IshRa


Ishita and Abhishek interrogate Adi. Ishita makes Adi swear on her and asks him to say the truth. Adi accepts the truth that he did not do this crime, he did not throw acid on Aaliya. Ishita tells Adi that she always trusted him. Adi names Ruhi as the culprit. He tells Ishita that Ruhi has dressed as Ruhaan and went to attack on Aaliya. Adi and Ishita are sure that Ruhi can never do this.

Ishita says we have many enemies, and someone is targeting Adi and Ruhi. They want to put the blame on Ruhi. Someone has worn Ruhaan’s clothes and put acid on Aaliya. Adi is sure that Ruhi can’t do this, as she has no motive. Ruhi and Raman come there. Ruhi gets shocked when she hears her name. Ruhi proves her innocence that she has gone with Simmi by becoming Ruhaan, she has attended school function and she took photos with the kids as well.

Ruhi proves she was at the event at the attack time. Ruhi is proved innocent by clearing the matter to Abhishek. Abhishek, Ishita and Raman understand someone wants to trap Ruhi. Adi describes the person who has taken Ruhaan’s avatar. Abhishek will start the investigation and find the real culprit. Adi is proved innocent as well, and Ishita hugs her children happily.


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