Ragini and Laksh conduct Shraddh puja


All the relations have broken in Swaragini. The Shraddh is happening. Ragini and Laksh ignite the havan kund and do Shraddh puja of all their relations. Laksh and Ragini do Shraddh of Sanskar and Swara, even when they are alive. They have torn the pics and burnt it in havan. They want to end the memories. The entire family got separated. Laksh is not ready to listen to Sanskar.

Sanskar tried to make Adarsh say truth and told Laksh that he will prove himself innocent. When Laksh was in jail, Sanskaar tried to free him, but things get opposite, Sanskaar could not free Laksh. Laksh is much upset and not listening to Sanskar. Dadi wanted to break the family and now she has got successful. Laksh says I will try to know why did Sanskar did this, it was only for 10 crores. Laksh will find out truth what enmity Sanskar had in his heart for him. Adarsh’s truth will come out by Laksh’s investigations.


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