Colors’ Roundup



Simar has come back in Bharadwaj family. She is bearing Anjali’s hatred. Mata ji showers love on Simar and supports her. Simar serves food to Anjali, which the latter refuses to eat. Mata ji sees Simar’s attempts to win Anjali’s heart.



Ragini ended relation with Swara. The sisters’ relation and also brothers Sanskaar and Laksh’s relation is breaking along. Swara cries and tries hard to stop her. Sumi supports Swara and Sanskar, while Shekhar supports Ragini and Laksh. Parvati has broken Shekhar and Sumi’s relation. Sumi has lost her house and family. Sumi cries and leaves with Swara and Laksh. Shekhar is helpless and can’t do anything to stop his mum Parvati. Parvati scolds Swara and tells her that Shekhar is not her father, and she is not Swara’s Dadi. She calls Swara an orphan. There is huge melodrama in the show.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Kosi Devi has proved Thapki wrong. Thapki promises Kosi that she will always be with Bihaan and not let Kosi harm Bihaan. Thapki and Bihaan unite, after Thapki saved his life. Bihaan forgives her. They spend the night in the same room and end their differences. Sankara sees them spending romantic time and gets jealous. Sankara threatens to stop Kosi from harming Bihaan. Kosi stabs Sankara.


Suraj determines to make Imli get her love. He decides to first find out if Vivaan also loves Imli. He goes to meet Vivaan. Vivaan worries about Suraj’s arrival. Suraj tells Vivaan that Imli has met with an accident. Suraj lies to see Vivaan’s reaction. Vivaan confesses his love for Imli infront of Suraj. Suraj gets a big shock. Chakor happily thinks of Vivaan and gets ready to meet him as his lover after a long time.


When Rishi has seen Tanuja with Tanu’s face, he fumed and kicked Tanuja out of the face. Tanuja lands in the Kaali Maa temple. She falls asleep, and old pujaran finds her. The situation is same, but Tanuja is not accept the fate. The old lady tells Tanuja about the things related to Tanu’s face. She tells about the same temple where Tanu and Rishi have taken love vows. Tanuja gets flashes of those moments.


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