Twists around Ganpati Celebrations and heirship in Ishqbaaz


Riddhima comes to meet Omkara in Ganesh function. She tells about her great work to distribute sweets in slum area. Omkara gets very impressed with her. She asks him to come along in charity dinner. Omkara tells her that he can’t come, as he has got Ganpati at home. She convinces him to come, as its for charity. Anika figures out that one dhol is missing. She jokes on the dhol, that it went to roam and sing around. Anika looks for the missing dhol.

Pandit asks Dadi about the heir of the Oberoi family, who would do the Ganesh aarti. Dadi recalls how Tej and Pinky wanted to make their sons Omkara and Shivay the heir of Oberoi empire. Tej and Pinky come forward, to tell pandit that three sons of the house will do aarti together. Dadi gets proud of them. Soumya and Anika give the function a grand start by playing huge dhols, while Shivay, Omkara and Rudra do the aarti together. The heirship matter gets resolved in the Oberoi family forever.


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