A new love triangle to begin in Kasam


Rishi has got a new girl in his life. He reaches the airport and looks for his friend who has come from America. He hugs a girl and then sees her face. He apologizes to the girl and says I was finding my friend. Guards see him teasing the girl and says the other girl has also complaint against you, that you are teasing every girl here. A girl comes and complains against Rishi. Rishi gets caught by the guards.

She is Rishi’s old friend Malaika who met him after six years. She is annoyed with Rishi for teasing someone else in her presence, and takes revenge. Rishi calls her a drama queen. Guard asks her about complain. She asks them to let Rishi go, he is a nice guy and has come to receive me at airport. She was angry as she had to wait a lot for him. Rishi hugs Malaika. Malaika, Rishi and Tanu will be having a love triangle. Malaika is positive character, and can get grey in the future track. Smriti Khanna of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is playing Malaika, who will bring many twists in Rishi and Tanu’s love story. Keep reading.


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