Chakor-Suraj sacrifice love for Imli’s sake in Udaan


Chakor has broke down as she got to know the truth that Vivaan loves Imli, not her. Suraj brings the truth out and tells Chakor that they both should not come in between Vivaan and Imli’s love. Chakor’s happiness is shattered. Chakor tears the sketch which Vivaan gifted her and burns the memories. Suraj tells Chakor that it will be hurtful for Imli and Vivaan if they break their love story.

Chakor worriedly goes to the shade to meet Vivaan. Vivaan thinks to make the meet special for Chakor. He plans a surprise date. Chakor gets glad seeing the romantic date arrangements, but recalls Suraj’s words. Vivaan does not let Chakor realize his true feelings. Chakor thinks of something to make him admit truth. Chakor acts that she does not love Vivaan, and then Vivaan tells truth that he also does not love her. She gets shocked realizing Suraj was saying truth. Chakor gets to know Vivaan loves Imli and not her. She decides to sacrifice her love once again. She asks Vivaan to accept Imli and live happily, as she has no feelings for him now. Vivaan gets relieved of the burden and hugs her thankfully.


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