Dance, celebrations and tension in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Akshara dances with Naira and Gayu. The women in Singhania house have taken Maratha look. Akshara has invited their Mumbai staff’s families, as the staff members are away in Kenya for work. Akshara and everyone perform on the Marathi song Pinga. Akshara makes the staff families feel like their family. She tells about the tradition started by Dadda ji to value their staff members as their family.

Akshara is worried for Naitik and asks Naman about Naitik’s contact number. She feels something bad is going to happen. She sees Naitik’s photo frame fallen. She cries and takes it as bad sign. She worries for his safety. Devyaani consoles Akshara. Akshara shares her fears with Devyaani. Akshara is going through the pain of separation. She is very worried and gets Asthma attack in tension. Naitik is not reachable. The children make Akshara relax. Naitik will be coming back home soon.


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