Ishita finds the real culprit behind acid attack


Raman and Ishita get Abhishek’s help and Niddhi gets exposed. Niddhi is brought to police station. Niddhi defends herself and asks why will I throw acid on Aaliya, what revenge do I have with her, why will I become Ruhaan and do this crime. She tells them that she had no revenge motives. She asks Ishita to blame her only when Ishita has any proof. Niddhi tells them that she does not even know Aaliya.

Niddhi has thrown acid on Aaliya and this truth has come out. Niddhi is not ready to accept her crime and shouts to argue with them. She tells Abhishek that they are framing me as I m their enemy. Raman asks Abhishek to interrogate Niddhi and make her accept the crime. Ishita asks Niddhi where was she at attack time. Niddhi defends and gives proof that she is in Jaipur on attack day. She shows the hotel reservation slip.

Aaliya believes Adi did not do the attack. They doubt on Shagun and Niddhi. Raman and Ishita understand that Niddhi has done this crime, but Abhishek has no proof to arrest Niddhi. Niddhi says she is innocent and leaves from the police station. Ishita will expose Niddhi’s truth for the sake of her children’s protection and future.


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