Triggering twists in Dev and Sonakshi’s pre-marriage functions


Dev and Sonakshi dance in the sangeet ceremony. They are uniting after many hurdles. They are happy to be together. They want to live the lovely moments. They get lost in each other’s eyes while dancing. Everyone enjoy the sangeet and perform. Dev wants to make Sonakshi feel special and get the best life.

Dev is not able to keep Sonakshi’s happiness in form. Dadi Bua creates drama in the sangeet. Dadi Bua gives money to the girls and asks them to dance again. Sonakshi’s cousin argues with Dadi Bua for giving them money, as they are not dancers. Dadi Bua gets angry. Sonakshi apologizes to Dadi Bua. Sonakshi smartly manages everything. There will be twists in the marriage function. The marriage moment is coming closer, when the lovers will unite forever.


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