Kosi stabs Shraddha; Ghost drama next in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Kosi and Naman have stabbed Shraddha, when Shraddha has confronted them about the truth. Naman tells Kosi that Shraddha is dead. Shraddha has turned ghost. Kosi lies to sleep and gets super shocked seeing Shraddha’s cut head revolving on the table. Kosi runs out of her room and calls Naman. She tells him that she has seen Shraddha’s ghost and makes Naman check the room.

Shraddha changes the room setup when Kosi goes out of the room. She hides from them. Naman is also scared and checks the table. He tells Kosi that no one is there. Shraddha and Thapki are together scaring Kosi. Shraddha likes to see Kosi scared and enjoying to trouble her. Shraddha also wants to kick out Kosi out of the house. Thapki has tried everything and wants to shock Kosi by ghost drama.

Kosi is much scared and tells Naman that she will leave Pandey house. Kosi asks Sankara to go and hire auto, as they are leaving. Kosi feels Shraddha’s ghost has come to take revenge and will kill them. Shraddha and Thapki’s plan start working. Kosi has troubled everyone a lot, and now its time for Kosi to fall in trouble. Keep reading.



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