Post marriage twists for Dev and Sonakshi begin


Dev and Sonakshi have got married finally. There is a twist in grahpravesh. The shagun is sent by Sonakshi’s family. Saurabh gets that, when Dev and Sonakshi stand for the grahpravesh ritual. A fish is brought there in shagun basket and everyone at Dev’s home react seeing it. Mami screams seeing the fish and Dadi calls this a big sin to get fish in Brahman’s house. The fish is thrown out. Ishwari asks the man to wash the house twice.

Sonakshi has also seen the fish inside the shagun sent by her family. Dev and Sonakshi get upset seeing this mistake. Sonakshi is also surprised, and takes justification from Saurabh. It is a tradition, that fish shagun is presented to groom and is regarded as auspicious sign. Saurabh tells them that event management company did not know of Dev’s Brahman background. Ishwari forgets the matter and turns supportive of Sonakshi. The marriage of two cultures will have twists. It has to be seen how Dev creates a balance between Ishwari and Sonakshi.


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