Anika on verge of love realization in Ishqbaaz


Shivay agrees to marry Tia for the deal. He asks Anika to start his wedding preparations. He states, Tia and I are marrying tomorrow. Anika gets a big shock and gets a tear. She does not understand the reason of her tear. Jhanvi feels Shivay’s agreeing to marry in pressure is wrong. Dadi too feels Tia is wrong. Anika will soon realize his love for Shivay. Riddhima explains Omkara that Shivay has taken a decision. Omkara thinks to talk to Shivay once. Anika shares this news with Sahil. She is hurt. She tells her worry of arranging things in one day. She is angered by Shivay’s decision to marry Tia and makes excuse of work stress. Sahil asks her why is she jealous. She tells Sahil that she is not jealous and is just stressed.

Shivay explains his decision to Omkara and Rudra, that this takeover is very important, business world will laugh on us if we miss this deal. Omkara asks him to differentiate between business and relations. Omkara tells him that Tia is not a right life partner for him. Shivay does not change his decision. Rudra asks Shivay not to marry Tia as he does not love Tia. Shivay feels Tia and he are equal partners and believes Tia. Rudra and Omkara try to make Shivay realize that he loves Anika, not Tia. Shivay unable to accept this, calls Anika a roadside junk, such dirt that he can’t even bend his sight to see. Anika hears Shivay’s bitter words and gets heartbroken. Anika is close to realize her love, but how will she react hearing Shivay’s hurtful words? Keep reading.


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