Shivay takes a decision to marry Tia….


Tia convinces Shivay about the companies merger. Jhanvi feels its blackmailing, not a marriage. Tia defends her mom and tells Shivay that they are just preponing marriage. Pinky worries for arrangements to happen in one day. Tia easily convinces Pinky. Anika comes to help Shivay out of concern for him. Tia asks Shivay to answer her soon and leaves. Anika finds the family too disturbed and wonders the cause. She assumes its by the CD scandal. Pinky convinces Jhanvi for Shivay and Tia’s marriage. Jhanvi feels Tia’s mom has threatened indirectly that she would not help Shivay in his business.

Rudra and Om discuss about Tia. Rudra rejects Tia as his Bhabhi. He is sure Shivay won’t agree. Pinky is sure Shivay will agree. Anika goes to meet Shivay. She offers him help. He asks why does she wish to help him. She says I can’t see bad happening with anyone in your family, this is my best friend’s house, and Dadi’s house. She says this is your house and family… She is eager to help him. Shivay agrees to marry Tia for the deal and seeks help from Anika. Keep reading.


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