Omkara-Riddhima’s bond develops; More twists around CD scandal


Omkara and Riddhima bond well by understanding in their relation. Riddhima is seen very supportive of Omkara’s decisions and also gives him space in the relation which he requests for. Omkara is glad to get Riddhima in his life, and finds her perfect for him. On the other hand, Omkara does not like Tia turning as Shivay’s wife. Omkara and Rudra try hard to convince Shivay for refusing for the marriage. Shivay denies to have any feelings for Anika.

Anika is heartbroken after hearing Shivay’s bitter words. She is still concerned for Shivaye. Anika gets to know about the CD which Gayatri has kept inside the locker. Anika finds out that the tape is fake, after seeing that girl in the tape is alive. Gayatri is behind the fake video and fake suicide blame on Tej and Oberoi. Anika rushes to inform Shivay, and tells him about her findings. With Anika’s great help of revealing the truth, Shivay decides to confront the girl and teach her a lesson of lifetime. Shivay gets shocked to find her dead. Will Shivay acknowledge his feelings for Anika? Keep reading.


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