Suraj and Chakor to bond by failures in love


Ranjana gets to know that Vivaan is in love with Imli. Chakor asks Suraj to forget Imli and keep the friendship. She asks him to decorate the house before Vivaan and Imli’s arrival, so that the right Grahpravesh can happen nicely. Suraj refuses at right. He recalls Imli and angrily bangs his hand on the wall. His hand gets injured. Vivaan and Imli come home and promise each Suraj in her bedroom. Suraj makes the decorations for her wedding night, along with Chakor. Imli realizes Suraj’s selfless side and thinks to meet him to thank for his help.

Tejaswini asks Suraj to move on in life, and not to divorce Chakor. She tries her best to convince Suraj to keep his marriage with Chakor. On the other hand, Ragini gets to know Bhaiya ji’s bail is not possible, and the inspector has given the new enquiry orders to collect evidence against Bhaiya ji. Ragini kidnaps the inspector in rage, and threatens him of hurting his wife. Will she succeed in freeing Bhaiya ji from all the blames? Keep reading.


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