TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste:

Suman and Shravan are having problem to adjust with each other after their marriage. He counts on her manners for coming to room without knocking. She asks him to keep lock door. She tells him that they have equal rights. She reminds what he said to her. He forgets their conversation. She asks him to sharpen his memory. Shravan is always angry and she has all answers. She asks him not to get over drunk. He calls her uninvited guest who is trying to claim rights on his life. She tells him that he got everything from his dad and never adjusted. She challenges that she will bear him how to adjust and can bear such a spoilt husband.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Jaggi started dreaming about Gopi. Gopi has got a new avatar and dances around Jaggi. Jaggi thinks why is Gopi dancing in my style of Tapori dance. He imagines if his girlfriend was like him, Tapori type and sees Gopi as his girlfriend. He wonders why is he seeing Gopi, and then his imagination ends.


Thapki has failed to prove Kosi’s truth infront of Bihaan. Dadi is threatened by Naman, and gives statement in favour of Kosi. Thapki asks Kosi to admit her crime and shouts on her. This makes Bihaan slap Thapki and break all ties with her. Bihaan asks Thapki to leave from the house, as she has no relation with this family and house. Thapki has gone away from Bihaan’s life, because of Kosi. Kosi has challenged Thapki and won. Kosi tells Dadi that she will not kill Bihaan if she keeps mouth shut. She threatens to shoot Bihaan dead. Dadi is worried for Bihaan’s life, and regrets to see Thapki leaving from home.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Anjali comes late from party and sleeps till late. Simar wakes up Anjali and tickles her. Anjali calls her Mumma and laughs asking her not to tickle. There are wonderful moments between them. Simar is trying to remind Anjali their old moments. Simar recalls the childhood moment when she used to tickle her and wake her up early. Anjali reacts in same way. When Anjali sees Simar, she leaves her hand and acts rude. Khushi provokes Anjali about Simar. Khushi tells Anjali that her friend Riya called and said Simar spoiled her party. Anjali gets angry and shouts on Simar. Prem slaps Anjali and takes Simar’s side.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Sanchi is day dreaming Aryan. She closes eyes and dreams a romantic moment with Aryan. Aryan kisses her. The marriage date is coming close. Sanchi wants to say love you to Aryan, but she goes in imagination. Sanchi and Aryan can’t meet, so Sanchi’s sister makes Sanchi imagine meeting Aryan in her dream. There will be grand marriage with all functions.


Paridhi has come to jail to meet Shakti. She tells Shakti that his daughter misses him a lot. She requests him to record a video for his daughter, she will be glad watching him. There is new entry in the show. A guy gets arrested because of Paridhi’s statement. He got cheated by his girlfriend and throws acid on his girlfriend angrily. Paridhi was the witness and got him arrested. The guy wants to take revenge from Paridhi. He has been staying in jail because of her and all his wounds get fresh seeing her.


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