Mesmerizing moment for Shivay-Anika


Shivay gets mesmerized seeing Anika at the mandap. Rudra and Omkara wonder what’s happening and see Shivay and Anika’s eyelock. Shivay goes to drop Anika home and initiates a conversation. She congratulates him in advance for his marriage. He thanks her for arranging everything on a short notice. She gets surprised that Shivay said thanks by himself, that too on her job’s last day. He gets upset knowing its her last day at work. She tells him that her life started revolving around him. Shivay gets surprised.

Anika clears the meaning that her life was around planning his wedding. Anika admits that her life will get loneliness from tomorrow and does not ask for new job from him. Shivay too admits the same that his life will also change from tomorrow. He drops her home and stops her to say something. Shivay misses Anika and does not feel happiness without her. He is concerned for his family and business, and wants to save the company’s falling stocks. Keep reading.


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