Vivaan and Imli make a new start in Udaan


Vivaan and Imli take the wedding rounds inside their round. He places the candles and they both make marriage vows to each other. Imli is very happy to get Vivaan. Vivaan expresses his love. Ranjana goes to Suraj and makes him realize his love failure. Suraj gets raged and goes to meet Imli.

Suraj tells Imli that he just wanted to see her once and goes. Imli cries and forgives Suraj, as he has united her with Vivaan. Vivaan and Imli feel bad seeing Suraj’s state. Suraj does not ruin their happiness and controls his anger. Vivaan pacifies Imli and asks her to forget everything, as they are making a new start. Vivaan and Imli finally got their love because of Chakor’s sacrifice.

Chakor and Suraj suffer from heartbreak. Suraj has turned into a spoilt brat again. He starts drinking when he misses Imli. He calls the dancers home and parties. Chakor goes to stop Suraj. Suraj does not listen to her and sends her. Suraj is sunk in sorrow. Chakor worries for him.



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