High Five Spoilers

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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Sanchi and Aryan’s marriage function started. Sanchi dresses as the bride and is very happy. The rituals will be celebrated by both the families. The marriage functions will have a span of 20 days. Ganesh puja will be done first. Sanchi is taking blessings from Ganpati that Aryan and her marriage does not get any hurdles. Aryan’s haldi starts at his home. Aryan is happy and everyone in the house is showering blessings on him. After Ganesh puja, Aryan and Sanchi can’t meet each other.


Media, police and NGO women come to Rishi’s house. The NGO women ask Rishi about Tanuja, whom they have hidden after the accident. Malaika has done Tanuja’s accident and police has come to arrest Malaika. Inspector says laws have got strict and Malaika will not get saved. Rishi gets saved and tells inspector that Malaika is responsible citizen and she has got the girl home, got her treated and took care of her. He takes the blame on himself and tells inspector that he was driving the car and he has done the accident. Rishi will get to know that Tanuja is that girl.


Raman and Mani meet at the dinner party. Ishita was trying to make them friendly. Ashok comes there and passes taunts on them. Ashok congratulates them for becoming Samdhi. Raman and Mani start fighting again because of Ashok. Now their fight has become enemy of Adi and Aaliya’s love. Raman and Mani have a fight over Adi and Aaliya’s relation. Mani asks Raman to control Adi, why is he after Aaliya.


Aparajita is kicked out of house. Rishabh and Raina were giving charity items to the beggars. When Aparajita’s turn came, everyone saw Aparajita hiding in the shawl. Aparajita says I did not do anything and apologizes. Mohini throws coins on Aparajita and asks her to take the money, for which she did all this. She insults Aparajita and makes her leave. Aparajita will bring twists in Rishabh and Raina’s lives to take revenge.


Avni has high hope and waits for Ashish to come for her race. Kia passes taunts on Avni. Asha is worried that Avni’s hopes can break. Ashish is stuck and is unable to attend the sports day event. Avni participates in the race on Asha’s saying. Avni wins the race and gets rewarded by a trophy. While she loses to the bet to Kia, Asha feels depressed seeing Avni’s state. Neela and Ashish get engaged at the hospital infront of Hemant. Avni angered with Ashish shuts herself in the cupboard. Avni cries a lot and this upsets Asha.


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