Divorce twists for Chakor-Suraj in Udaan


Chakor has signed the divorce papers. Its last day of Chakor in the haveli. The Navratri puja is happening. Chakor and everyone do the puja. Chakor gets the divorce papers and handsover to Tejaswini. She asks for Suraj, and tells Tejaswini to inform Suraj about it. Chakor waits for Suraj to sign on it. Tejaswini and Ranjana have an argument. Ranjana tells Tejaswini that Chakor is leaving, so there is just one bahu Imli at haveli now. Ranjana says now Imli and I will rule in haveli.

Vivaan offers lift to Chakor and tells Imli that he will come before pandit comes. Imli asks Vivaan not to go, as Chakor will be living in Aazaadgunj and he can meet her anytime. Tejaswini fears that her value in haveli will weaken. Tejaswini is not aware of the reason, why Ranjana is appearing so confident. Bhaiya ji and Ragini will make a comeback, to shock everyone. Suraj will not free Chakor from marriage, and Chakor will stay back in haveli to help him out against Bhaiya ji. Seems show got interesting track ahead. Keep reading.


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