Harman breaks through lockup to find Soumya in Shakti


Harman and Soumya got separated by the twist of their fate. Preeto has challenged Harman to get Soumya before Navratri and now she is creating hurdles in his challenge. Preeto can’t accept that a kinner is her bahu. She does not want to face humiliation from society. Harman got arrested and reached behind bars. Preeto got him arrested and acts like a caring mother. She has got food for him and asks Harman not to worry, she will get him out.

Preeto is acting to bail out Harman, but Preeto asks inspector not to leave Harman before Navratri’s end. She is afraid that Harman will find Soumya and win the challenge. She does not want Harman to find Soumya. Harman does not know Preeto has got him arrested. Harman is Preeto’s son and equally dramatic. Harman asks for water and does drama to be unwell. He runs away from the police station. Soumya is also tied by Guru Maa. She will not run away this time. Guru Maa is not angry with Tarana as she has saved Saya/Mallika. Guru Maa and Soumya do puja and thank the Mata for saving Saya’s life. Will Harman be able to reach Soumya? Keep reading.


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