Adi’s worry gets high by Aaliya’s alliance in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Adi is crying after landing in big dilemma. Adi is going through heartbreak. Aaliya calls Adi and tells him that the guy has liked her and is ready to marry her. Ishita worries. Adi asks them what will they do now, and Mihika’s plan flopped. Mihika gave the idea to Adi to drink wine and act weird infront of that guy. But, that guy likes Adi’s company and drinks alongwith Adi. The guy wants to marry Aaliya. Aaliya is getting married to someone else, and now Adi is shedding tears.

Mihika says her first plan flopped, but she will not let Aaliya marry that guy, she will make any other plan. Adi is too worried and does not know what will happen. He hopes Mani understands Adi’s love. Even Raman is against Aaliya and Adi’s relation. Raman does not like Aaliya since the beginning, as Aaliya was liking Mihir and then Mani’s enmity is making Raman develop more dislike. Romi, Mihika and Ishita help Adi. Adi tells Ishita that he is going to meet Aaliya. Ishita asks Adi to tell Aaliya not to take any wrong step, they all are with her. Everyone’s love story faces problems in Bhalla house. Keep reading.


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