Poster evidence fails to prove Tej and Shakti’s innocence in Ishqbaaz


Omkara is not sure that girl is alive. Anika is sure that girl is alive, as video can’t end immediately after the suicide. Shivay believes her, as video recording would have run till tape ends, if that girl died on the spot. He tells them his findings that Shilpa Mehta did not work in their company till date. He gives reasons that there is no police record, its plan against us for sure. Anika says Shilpa Mehta is alive. They meet commissioner Kadam. Kadam tells Shivay that its impossible to get suicide report of Shilpa. Shivay tells Kadam that CD is fake. Kadam says poster is not an importance evidence. He wants some solid evidence against the girl.

Shakti and Tej are on tirat yatra. Shakti calls up Dadi and asks Dadi about Shivay postponing marriage based on Anika’s words. Dadi assures him that everything will be fine. Shakti says Shivay is taking big risk, even Tia’s parents won’t help us in takeover. Dadi trusts Anika completely. Shivay asks Kadam to interrogate Gayatri. Kadam asks Shivay to believe police, as police is not framing Tej and Shakti. Kadam does not regard the poster twist as good proof and dismisses Shivay’s plea.


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