Rudy’s hilarious troubles for Omkara in Ishqbaaz


Rudra buys groundnuts and does not pay money. Rudra gets friendly with the vendors and calls them uncles. Omkara does not have change and asks the vendors to take back the things. The vendors say Rudra has eaten half stuff. Rudra tells Omkara that its his cheat day and he can eat anything. Rudra tells vendors that Omkara will pay money. Omkara does not have wallet and scolds Rudra. Rudra forgot his wallet at home. Rudra tells the vendor that he will give mobile instead money. He gives Om’s phone to vendor and settles the matter. Omkara calls Rudra crazy. Rudra offers the nuts to Omkara and irritates him more. The hunt for the poster continues…..

Omkara and Rudra reach other area. Omkara asks Rudra for his phone, as Rudra gave Om’s phone to vendor. Rudra says I forgot phone at home too. Omkara calls Rudra a big problem. Rudra says there is no guarantee that poster will be fixed till now. Rudra gets tired and asks Omkara to take him home.


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