Sonakshi’s negligence leads to new troubles in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


Sonakshi has done a mistake again. Dadi Bua is angry. Ishwari did all arrangements for Sonakshi’s first Tulsi puja. Sonakshi just had to get the Gangajal kalash. Sonakshi gets gangajal, but forgets to remove slipper. Sonakshi enters the temple area, while wearing the slipper. Dadi Bua sees this and makes it a big issue. The place got impure because of Sonakshi.

Dadi Bua scolds her and makes the servant clean the place. Dadi Bua says Sonakshi’s parents did not teach her to remove slippers before entering the temple. Ishwari already alerted Sonakshi to be careful as Dadi Bua has many traditions and rules, but Sonakshi did not think well. Sonakshi spoiled the things. Ishwari sprinkles Ganga jal and purifies the place. Sonakshi is hurt and now Ishwari has to manage her bahu’s emotional letdowns. Keep reading.


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