Chabbra family makes an entry for Priyanka’s alliance in Ishqbaaz


Jhanvi tells about Chabbra family, who wants to meet them for Priyanka’s alliance. A new family will be seen in the show. The brothers feel Priyanka is still a kid. Jhanvi suggests they should find a proposal for Priyanka. Rudra gets emotional and asks Jhanvi to see proposals later. Dadi asks the brothers what will they do at Priyanka’s Bidaai time. Jhanvi and Dadi explain them to let this happen. Omkara asks Priyanka about her wish, does she want to meet the guy. Priyanka agrees with Jhanvi.

Dadi asks Priyanka if she dislikes the guy, then they will stop the talks. Shivay asks Priyanka not to take any pressures, they will do what her heart wants. Tej and Shakti come home and shower love on Priyanka. Chabbras are going to meet Oberois. Anika does the arrangements. The guy who comes to see Priyanka turns out to be Soumya’s ex. Soumya confides the matter with Anika and Priyanka. Anika thinks to talk to Shivay about it, as Shivay will understand them and do the needful. Keep reading.


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