Shivay worries for Gayatri’s conditional bail in Ishqbaaz


Omkara and Rudra try to find out about Shiva’s board meeting. Shivay tells them that board meeting got rescheduled, and gives them good news that takeover is done. Omkara and Rudra hug Shivay. They praise Anika. Shivay asks them did he never crack any deal or did he not do anything before. Shivay jokes to make them serious and prepares special dish for them. Pinky shows the weight loss ad. Rudra asks Pinky does she want Soumya to lose fat. Pinky tells everyone that this ad had Shilpa. Everyone realize Pinky was saying right. Shivay praises Pinky.

Shivay is angry as Gayatri got bail on medical ground by ACP Rathod’s orders. He wonders why is Rathod doing this and what enmity he has against them. Shivay asks Khanna to find Gayatri. Tej gets to know about Gayatri bailed out. Shivay tells Tej that no one could trace Gayatri. Tej decides to track the matter later.


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