Chakor and Suraj’s divorce halts in Udaan


Chakor has kept Mata Jagrata and wants to bring Suraj on right path. But Suraj does not understand her. Suraj tries to drink wine and fail Chakor’s plans. He says Chakor is clever to keep Mata Jagran to keep an eye on me, i feel i should not give you divorce, as you are a good wife and takes care of my life. This is challenge between Suraj and Chakor. Suraj has got out of the police lockup and tells Chakor that he will drink wine and make her lose. Chakor keeps an eye on him while everyone is praying in jagran.

Suraj looks for wine here and there, but does not get any wine bottle. They both have failed in love and now they are helpless to stay together. Their hearts have hurt and they have same suffering. Chakor and Suraj are stubborn and it has to be seen who wins the challenge. Suraj asks Chakor to stop being after her, and let him breath. Tejaswini asks Chakor not to go Maayka and stops Chakor in haveli, by giving a task to change Chakor. Tejaswini and Vivaan feel just Chakor can change spoilt brat Suraj.


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