Shivay gets mistaken about Dev Chabbra


Shivay stops Dadi from taking the alliance talk ahead. He goes to talk to Dev and asks him to keep transparency in relations. He makes a work excuse and asks Dev to come along. Anika smiles thinking she cracked the matter even this time. Anika asks Soumya and Priyanka not to thank her, as she has saved Priyanka’s life. Anika boasts of her smartness. She asks them to smile. Soumya tells about the confusion. Anika gets shocked. She worries.

Shivay confronts Dev about his relationship with Soumya. He tells Dev that he will kill that person who tries to hurt Priyanka. Rudra tells Dadi that Shivay went to talk to Dev so that there are no surprises later. Shivay asks Dev did he cheat anyone in relation, did he double time ever. Dev clears the matter. Anika goes to Shivay and stops him. Anika tries to tell Shivay about Dev. Shivay asks Anika to go. Anika tells Shivay that he is not that guy. Shivay tries to understand Anika’s confusion. Shivay dismisses the talk and sends Dev out.


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