Dayavanti to disown Ashish to buildup pressure in Naamkarann


Ashish tells Avni that he can’t explain her the entire truth. Avni demands to know the truth. Ashish apologizes to Avni and Asha. Ashish wants to tell Asha about his engagement with Neela. Avni gets too furious and breaks the trophy. Dayavanti feels Asha has done black magic on Ashish, and disrespects their loves. Ashish argues with Dayavanti and tells her that he can’t leave Asha and Avni. Dayavanti disowns Ashish and the truth comes out in front of the family.

Dayavanti kicks out Ashish from the house and pushes him on the ground in fit of rage. Dayavanti tells Ashish that she will never see his face and he died for her. Ashish breaks down emotionally seeing his mother’s reaction. He apologizes to Dayavanti and agrees to do as she says. Dayavanti asks Ashish to live his life on her terms and leave Asha and Avni. Kia shows the class teacher that Avni is writing in her book. Seeing Avni’s depression, the class teacher thinks to talk to Asha. Keep reading.


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