Revealed: Atharv residing in Ravish’s house


Ravish saves Vividha from the falling chandelier. Kalindi passes taunts that Vividha has brought bad omen along her. Suman does not want to hurt Vividha’s heart. Ravish gets hurt and Vividha cares for his wound. Vividha confronts him for the secret he is hiding from his family. She hears Ravish talking to someone about the secret. Ravish does not reveal anything to Vividha. But, there is a big revelation for the viewers.

Ravish is helping Atharv and doing his treatment. Ravish does not know Atharv is his step brother, but he helped a civilian, whom he found in near to death state on the way. Ravish gets the doctor to the secret room, and is helping Atharv recover.

On the other hand, Kalindi doubts that Vividha has an affair with someone. She suspects Vividha is not able to forget her love and hence staying away from Ravish. Kalindi and Bhoomi visit Vividha’s Maayka and get to know about Atharv. How will Kalindi use the fact against Vividha? Keep reading.


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